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  2. How to Choose a QC Company

How to Choose a QC Company?

1. Full-Time or Part-Time Inspectors?

A trustworthy inspection company uses full-time inspectors ONLY. No part-time QC is used. Some companies claim that they have their own full-time inspectors, however they just outsource inspections to freelancers whose performance is actually difficult to monitor and control.

2. Qualified or Non-qualified?

Is the QC company qualified by International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) or not? IFIA can give you a quick answer about the qualification of a QC company.

3. Government Accredited or Not?

Is the QC company with Chinese government AQSIQ licensed & accredited or Not? AQSIQ (The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) is a ministerial-level department under the State Council of China. If there is no AQSIQ license, - such companies are not so reliable, and you are not protected by law.

4. Whether Report Has Legal Validity?

Is the QC company with CNAS 17020 (ISO 17020) accreditation & qualification or not? If not, the inspection reports issued by such companies have no legal validity. Please note that the ISO standards for inspection services is ISO 17020 instead of ISO 9001. ISO9001 is the general (basic) standards for all industries, which is easier to get. But ISO17020 is much stricter.

5. Check the QC Company in Person

- Some QC companies actually consist of freelancers without qualifications or accreditations.
- They make false statements about themselves on the internet.
- Simply check its website domain name registration information to see its real date of establishment.
- Visit its head office and talk to inspectors on site.