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  1. Inspection Standards
  2. Other reference standards


Defect Demerit Point
Length of defect Demerit Points
3 inches or less 1
Over 3 inches but not over 6 inches 2
Over 6 inches but not over 9 inches 3
Over 9 inches 4

1. No running yard shall be penalized more than 4 points for warp and weft defects.
2. For Fabric width exceeding 64"-66", Maximum penalty points can be increased above 4 per linear yard in proportion to the width.
3. Defects appearing within one inch of either edge shall be disregarded.
4. Any hole other than a pin hole shall be considered a major defect and assigned 4 points for penalty.


1. Linear Yard basis:
Acceptable tolerance=20 points per 100 linear yards

2. Square yard basis:
Points/100 sq. yd= Total Points scored in the bulk X 100 X 36
Width of the roll(inch) X total yds inspected

Acceptable tolerance:
a. 28 points per 100 sq. yd. for each individual roll.
b. 20 points per 100 sq.yd. for average of rolls inspected.
1st Quality: Penalty points not exceed the acceptable tolerance.
2nd Quality: Penalty points exceed the acceptable tolerance.