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Compliance Program Guidelines

V-Trust Inspection Service (V-Trust) has successfully established a global business with a strong reputation. A good reputation is our most valuable asset, and fully reflects our core values and business standards.

The values related in this program are shared by each of our staff, and each customer recognizes our adherence to the points therein. These standards are the cornerstone of our company; they strengthen our unity to ensure our continued growth and recognition.

Our core values about “integrity, independence, respect for each individual, social & environmental responsibility” in accordance with the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) became the focus which ultimately led to the drafting of our first "Compliance Program" in 2013, and its official publication in September.

In order to accurately represent our professional standards, the Compliance Program details how the basis for our development and growth are our moral values, principles and guidelines. These standards have helped to build a mutual trust between our customers, employees and business relationships.

Therefore, all employees of the company must comply with the Compliance Program while fully and actively maintaining the values, principles and standards therein. Each of us has a responsibility to comply with the Compliance Program as well as implementing them in our everyday business procedures. The adherence to this Compliance Program is critical to our future success.

All staff must ensure that their daily decisions are consistent with the provisions stated in the Compliance Program. Our business partners must also comply with our Compliance Program in all respects.

It is essential that by adhering to our Compliance Program, each one of our staff can actively maintain and enhance the company's reputation and social responsibility.

Any employee’s violation of the Compliance Program is a serious event that will lead to devastating consequences (both for the individual and company); it may also adversely affect V-Trust’s reputation. Every employee must:

  • Take the time to read, learn and implement the Compliance Program in their daily work.
  • If there is any doubt as to the method to implement the Compliance Program, they should immediately contact their direct manager or the Compliance Officer for assistance.

Compliance Program Contact Information:

Compliance Officer: Grace Wong
Tel: +86-20-89089928-830

Download The Full Compliance Program: Compliance Program.pdf