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V-Trust has 350+ full-time inspectors based in China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia & Malaysia.








We have comprehensive training programs for our inspectors such as classroom lectures, practice workshops and on-site assessments. V-Trust insists on very strict control policies to manage our inspectors including: Code of Ethics, Employee Ethics Agreement, Code of Conduct Letter, Random Telephone Audits, Re-inspection Policy and others.

Our management team is composed of both local staff and western consultants. This gives us the dual advantage of being able to effectively communicate with our clients abroad and manage our full-time inspection team without any language or cultural barriers. Most V-Trust management talent and engineers used to work with big brand companies and manufacturers. They are very experienced in the relevant categories. With this strong technical background, we can assist customers to solve all technical problems properly and effectively.

V-Trust's wide network of full-time inspectors covers the main areas of China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia & Malaysia (over 90% of export products are produced in these areas). Our extensive network allows us to offer the same competitive all-inclusive price for the highlighted areas of the three countries (refer to below maps).

We are your No.1 choice for inspections & testing in China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia & Malaysia.

Inspector Location
In House Labs


India & Bangladesh

Vietnam & Camboia



Highlighted Areas: 268USD/Man-day all inclusive.
Anywhere Else: 298USD/Man-day all inclusive.
No extra charge for inspections on Sat. & Sun.