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Q. Can you briefly introduce your company?
A. V-Trust Inspection Service Co., Ltd. is a leading inspection services provider in China with ISO9001:2000 certification since 2003. We have a sound inspection network covering China's exporting provinces (more than 110 experienced inspectors based in major Chinese coastal cities). Our inspectors are well-trained and reliable with strong product knowledge. In 2013, more than 950 importers and buyers all over the world benefited from V-Trust inspection services.

Q. Why do I need shipment inspections or factory audits?
A. Poor quality, incorrect shipments or unreal information from suppliers. Are you worried about, or have you experienced these problems with Chinese suppliers? Do you need a third party's conformation about the shipment quality before settling payment? Before placing orders, do you hope to have accurate understanding about suppliers sourced from internet? V-Trust shipment inspection and factory audit service are your solution for all these problems.

Q. Does V-Trust offer any other service?
A. Yes, apart from quality control service, V-Trust also provides buyers with supplier evaluation services & laboratory testing services. Our cooperative laboratories are accredited by the international authoritative bodies including CNAS, CPSC, UL, VCCI, etc.

Q. Why should I choose V-Trust?
A. V-Trust has a special double-checking & controlling system to monitor inspections. 5% of the inspection cases will be double inspected by the QC Supervisor. And V-Trust will assign different QC to factories in turn.

Q. How can I get started using V-Trust Inspection Service?
A. Please fill in the booking form on line or download it and then send the completed form by E-mail to or by fax to +86-20-89089025.

Q. How many days in advance should I place the booking?
A. A completed booking form attaching all relevant order details is required to send to V-Trust head office at least three working days before the planned inspection date. The earlier you placed the booking, the better we could ensure the required schedule. Urgent booking placed less than 48 hours before the requested inspection date is subject to surcharge.

Q. Do I need to send you a sample?
A. It depends on client's decision. For us, it is better if there is a reference sample for inspection. The sample is supposed to reach our head office in Guangzhou 3 days before the inspection. Or you may choose to leave your sealed approval samples in the factory.

Q. How many days prior to shipment should the inspection be?
A. It is suggested to leave a buffer period of at least 2-3 days for inspection report generation/review and the problems found during the inspection can be remedied before shipment.

Q. Can I discuss with you in details about my inspection criteria?
A. Absolutely. Please feel free to contact us by email to . V-Trust is always ready to provide the best pre/post-inspection consultation service!

Q. What information does V-Trust inspection report include?
A. Our written reports are very detailed, including accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistic analysis based on the highly recognized AQL standard and plentiful spot pictures for illustration.

Q. How long does it take to get my report?
A. You could get the report within 24 hours after inspection. For factory audit, since it takes more time to analyze and prove from all aspects in evaluating the factory, the report is available within three days after the audit.

Q. What if I have questions after I receive your report?
A. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details. V-Trust's crew is always willing to help you.

Q. What are your inspection rates?
A. V-Trust's all-inclusive standard rate is USD268.00/Man-day in most coastal areas of China. This standard rate covers up to 12 working hours per assignment (including traveling, inspection and report preparation). There is no extra charge for inspectors' transportation and accommodation expense.

Q. Does V-Trust charge extra for inspecting more than one type of products during the same inspection?
A. Normally, with less than 9 items assorted, there is no extra charge for inspecting more than one type of product in one inspection. The sample size is calculated based on the total quantity of all the items in this inspection and we issue only one inspection report accordingly.

Q. Does V-Trust actually approve the shipment?
A.V-Trust inspects the shipment according to AQL guidelines and all customers' requirements. The result is then sent to the client for reference to decide whether to release the shipment. Because every client's quality/defect threshold is different, it is the client who will make the decision and inform the supplier.

Q. What do I need to keep in mind when sending an approved sample to China?
A.We highly recommend you send approved samples of your product to serve as a reference for inspection.

If you are going to send us the approval sample, to ensure the smooth customs clearance, please include the pro forma invoice and write "Samples of no commercial value" and a declared value of not more than $5 USD. Please click here to download the the pro forma invoice form.

Any sample you send us must clear customs. Some items that may not pass customs include:

All powders
All liquids
Magnetic products
Gas and oil products